Thursday, April 24, 2008

YouTube Video Shows How Dedicated Truck Lanes Could Work

JEFFERSON CITY – Separating trucks from cars on Interstate 70 sounds like a pretty good idea. But how would it work? A new video posted on YouTube explains what truck-only lanes could look like and how they might operate. You can find it at

"When we talk about dedicated truck lanes, we’re often asked how the concept works, especially how vehicles get on and off the highway," Missouri Department of Transportation Director Pete Rahn said. "Because this is a new concept, it’s hard to visualize. The video helps people understand possible options."

MoDOT is studying truck-only lanes as a way to improve safety and reduce congestion during a future reconstruction and expansion of I-70. As truck traffic continues to increase, Missourians have asked MoDOT to consider separating cars and trucks on the interstate. New technologies have emerged that make that separation more feasible.

The study is also being undertaken because of Missouri's key role in the nationally designated "Corridors of the Future" program. By conducting this study now, MoDOT will be positioned to move quickly to address I-70's challenges - either by adding more general-use lanes or by building truck-only lanes - when design and construction funding becomes available. No funding is currently available for this project.

"YouTube helps us explain our work in a visual way," Rahn said. "People go to YouTube to see interesting videos, and we’re doing some very interesting things we want to show them."

Other MoDOT videos on YouTube show dramatic footage of the Route 19 Missouri River Bridge demolition, guard cable crash tests and an aerial view of ongoing construction of the new Interstate 64 in St. Louis. Another helps viewers understand the concept of a shared four-lane highway – a highway with additional passing lanes to ease congestion and improve safety.