Monday, April 19, 2010

What Have I Done?

One second of inattention -- that all it takes. In a work zone, that may mean a hefty fine, but it can also be much worse. It can mean a tragedy that can't be replayed and can't be erased.
The video above reminds drivers why they shouldn't barrel through work zones. It features a motorist after he's been in a crash in a work zone. His ordinary commute home turns into a nightmare when he realizes that what he crashed into was a person.
Last year in Missouri, 13 people were killed in work zones, an increase from 2008 when 12 people were killed. During Work Zone Awareness Week this week, MoDOT will remind motorists of the need for safe driving in other ways, too -- you'll hear radio spots, see internet banner ads and see reminders on fuel pump tops at various gas stations.
The video makes you realize the tragedy that any one of us could cause in just a second.
Drive Smart. Arrive Alive.