Monday, March 8, 2010

Roads, Rivers and Runways

Last Friday was a deadline for MoDOT to obligate more than $30 million of Recovery Act funds to important projects in public transportation, airport and river port projects. Did we make it?

Absolutely. In fact, that deadline was more than met -- much of the money has already been put to work, and improvements are fast and furious.

More than $20 million went to public transportation. Already, more than 300 rural transit vehicles have been purchased and delivered. Four of six purchased intercity buses have been delivered, and five transit facilities are being improved. All of these improvements are a lifeline for citizens depending on public transportation.

On the river, more than $4 million is being invested in five port projects that are all already under construction, including construction of a high-water rail line at Southeast Missouri Regional Port in Cape Girardeau County.

And more than $5 million was obligated for projects at four Missouri ariports, including runway rehabilitation and the construction of aircraft aprons. These projects are complete and benefitting Missourians today.

This is all in addition to the $31 million in high-speed rail grants MoDOT received in January. That money is funding three projects that will increase reliability, speed and safety between St. Louis and Kansas City via rail.

These vital improvements keep Missouri on the move. So, where do you want to go today?