Thursday, September 2, 2010

Recycling Rail Equipment

At MoDOT, we recycle everything from rubber tires, asphalt shingles and signs to entire roads and bridges. Now the Railroad Section has found a way to join in the eco-friendly efforts by reusing railroad safety equipment on a road construction project in Grandview.

Cantilevers that once extended over Route 150 to warn of train traffic on the Kansas City Southern branch line near Route 71 became obsolete when the state route was widened beyond the capacity of the train warning device. Instead of disposing the cantilevers, MoDOT and the city of Grandview found a way to reuse them. Now motorists and pedestrians have a safer highway-rail crossing at 139th Street between Grandboro Lane and 10th Terrace. The city has also posted new "LOOK" signs next to the sidewalk to provide additional warnings to look both ways for trains before crossing the tracks.