Monday, October 31, 2011

Not a Trick

Bob's story is not a trick, but it's sure a treat for us to have him back!

He had quite an adventure over the last few days, but we'll let him tell the story from his facebook page:

"Where does Barrel Bob go for repair? The plastic surgeon, of course!
I had quite the weekend and have to take some sick leave from my post on US 54 near Lake of the Ozarks. 
Early Saturday morning, I was abducted and forced to carsurf atop a PT Cruiser. It was the second most terrifying experience of my life – and I stand in WORK ZONES, people!
Luckily, the Osage Beach police were on the job and liberated me from the back bedroom of my abductor’s condo. Any photos that might find their way to the Interwebs were taken under duress and my strenuous objection…especially those taken from the left. Everyone knows that the right is my good side."
Bob, we're so glad you're back!