Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Use Your Head

One of the reasons I'm proud to work at MoDOT is that I've seen first-hand the passion employees at all levels have for safety. Through work with the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, I've been privileged to witness this in multiple Missouri organizations, and it's staggering to realize how many individuals are truly dedicated to making sure you and your loved ones arrive home safely each night.

That passion could not be hidden at a news conference yesterday where our director released survey results showing Missourians support a mandatory helmet law by more than a 9-to-1 ratio. He urged Gov. Nixon to veto a recently passed bill from the Missouri legislature amending the state's all-rider helmet law, a law that has saved lives for longer than my own lifetime.

Director Rahn was joined by a trauma surgeon, a motorcycle crash survivor and a doctor who lost his father to a motorcycle crash. The video below shares their comments. I hope you'll take a moment and consider the consequences of repealing Missouri's current helmet law. No matter the outcome, maintain your own passion for safety -- buckle up in your car and wear your helmet if you ride.

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