Friday, July 31, 2009

Mock Crash Opens Eyes

For emergency service personnel, the scene was all too real.

Smashed cars. Cracked windshields. Life-threatening injuries. A fatality. A drunk driver. Angry, grieving passengers.

Luckily, this time it wasn’t real. It was part of a mock DWI crash held last week in Columbia. The exercise was part of a three-day conference to help prevent drug- and alcohol-related accidents sponsored by Team Spirit.

Students from 11 Missouri high schools saw first hand why it’s a bad idea to drink and drive. Students witnessed a simulated head-on collision where the driver was impaired and one person dies. Last year, 951 underage drivers were involved in alcohol-related traffic crashes in Missouri.

At the end of the mock crash, the students were silent as the scene was recapped.

“It only takes that one lapse to create results like that,” said the narrator.

When asked how many people think a crash like this would affect their school, all hands were raised.

Watch the video below.