Friday, May 8, 2009

How much litter could a litter picker pick if a litter picker could pick litter?

As a kid I was always taught to clean up my trash, or hold onto it until I could throw it away. Unfortunately, not everyone waits until they have a trash can handy, and litter can end up along Missouri highways.
The great news is that so many volunteers across the state Adopt-A-Highway in order to keep Missouri roadsides clean. More than 4,000 groups in the state take care of more than 5,700 miles.

Now the St. Louis area is using a cool tool this summer to clean up roadsides safely and efficiently. The Litter Picker can remove retreads, papers, cans, cardboard, cups, wood, road kill and litter. It can hold 50 bags of trash at one time and can cover up to eight acres per hour. The model of the Litter Picker that MoDOT has can be completely operated by one person from a towing tractor.

I wish I could get a smaller version to help pick up all the stray toys at my house.