Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On Track for Safety

We welcome Rail Safety Week April 11-17 in Missouri!

Reducing injuries and fatalities and increasing awareness of Rail Safety are two focus points during Rail Safety Week. Governor Jay Nixon and MoDOT are delivering the message to Stay Off, Stay Away and Stay Alive!

MoDOT, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, other law enforcement, and Operation Lifesaver representatives will be in various locations during the week to educate the public and promote safety at highway-rail crossings. This positive enforcement outreach is to help reduce highway-rail crossings fatalities and injuries.

The video below shares some tips for how you can be safe around railroad tracks and at crossings:

MoDOT Director Pete Rahn has also made rail safety the subject of his podcast this week.

There are a few rules that can help eliminate tragedies on the tracks:
1. Never walk on railroad property.
2. Cross railroad tracks only at a designated crossing.
3. Never race a train to the crossing.
4. Get out if your vehicle stalls on or near the tracks, and then quickly move away from the tracks in the direction the train is coming from.
5. If you are at a multiple track crossing, watch out for a second train from either direction.
6. Never drive or walk around lowered railroad gates.

Want to know more?
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Be Safe!