Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Accelerated Innovation

Safe & Sound bridge projects are kicking off across the state. Yesterday, the ribbon was cut on a design-build project completed on Route 61 over Buckeye Creek in Cape Girardeau County. It embodies the goals of the Safe & Sound program by illustrating both flexibility and innovation.

The project was accelerated by one year to accommodate the low weight posting of the previous pony truss bridge. Construction on nearby Interstate 55 that reroutes vehicles over Buckeye Creek meant that an innovative solution was needed quickly.

The pony truss structure was replaced with twin Super Cor structures -- prefabricated metal culverts with concrete retaining walls. It's the first bridge of this type on the Missouri state system. Using the Super Cor components meant the project could be completed more quickly and with less labor.

The picture above shows the demolition of the old pony truss bridge.

The new and improved bridge using the Super Cor structures.