Thursday, September 6, 2012

Showing Our Respect

Many times in this blog, we tell you about MoDOT employees and the work they do. We hope you enjoy learning about what happens behind the scenes.

Recently, we received a note from a resident of Southeast Missouri. Instead of telling you what MoDOT employees do, it explains who they are.

I would like to thank the workers in Jackson, MO next to the park on Hwy 61. We were passing in a funeral prosession for a family member and the men working there stopped digging and removed their hard hats as we passed by. Having moved here from Dallas, let me tell you this kind of compassion and respect is not often given. Several of my family members noticed this as well. I commend these men for the actions, regardless how small, it was greatly appreciated by my family and I.

I am proud to work with thoughtful, caring people such as these.