Monday, October 25, 2010

Take a Break!

Aaaahhh, road trips. The open road, singing along to the radio, the thrill of freedom and adventure as you roll past the beautiful countryside.
Small children in the back screaming for the sippy cup they dropped, the dog whimpering for some attention, and a desperate need for some caffeine to finish up the 90 miles to Grandma's house, all while Barney and Elmo rock out to the latest counting song. 
Whatever YOUR road trips look like, we can help.
Missouri maintains 19 different rest areas and Welcome Centers across the state. Located on seven different Interstates, there are a variety of easy-to-access amenities. Visit our rest area map and click on any of the locations designated with stars to see what each offers.
You may even pick up a bit of Missouri history along the way. In Conway, stop to see the award-winning Route 66 displays. In Joplin, a mural made entirely from license plates is sure to impress. And in Eagleville, don't miss the 44-foot glass tile mosaic while you pick up a map, grab a snack and stretch your legs.
Your family ( and Fido) will thank you.