Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reflecting on the Ride for Remembrance

Nothing but beautiful people and beautiful memories graced the Jaycee’s Fairgrounds last weekend as co-workers, friends and loved ones attended the 2010 Ride for Remembrance in honor of MoDOT workers killed in the line of duty.

Although it was scheduled to rain the day of the celebration, attendance was high. I was happy to see the many motorcyclists that came to participate. One of the most memorable moments was when family members released white balloons into the air in honor of their loved ones. Seeing so many people in cheerful spirits reminded me that the day was not meant to mourn losses, but to celebrate lives.

I had never been to such a ceremony and was very touched by all of the activities that took place. As much as I was touched, I was also tickled by the MoDOT Divas performance. The singing group is made up of three MoDOT employees who sang beautifully at the celebration. I must admit that the dunk tank contest was quite amusing as well. The cool water must have felt good to the employees that participated on such a humid and muggy day.

While the Ride for Remembrance celebration has only been around since last year, I am sure it will be an event that co-workers and family members will continue to enjoy throughout the years.

Many of us know what it feels like to lose someone that we love, but a helping hand always eases the pain. The Ride for Remembrance celebration was certainly a very fun and sincere way for MoDOT employees to extend themselves to such deserving families.

All of the funds raised at the Ride for Remembrance celebration went towards the fallen workers' memorial. For more information about the celebration or to donate to the memorial, please visit