Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Many Vehicles Drive Your Route Every Day? We Can Tell You!

Do you want to find out if traffic on your route has been climbing over the years? Are you thinking about starting a business near a state highway and want to know how many people will be driving by? Well, MoDOT can help you.

One of the little known offerings of MoDOT’s web site is our Traffic Volume Maps page. This page offers a collection of PDF maps that shows the Average Daily Traffic (“ADT” in MoDOT lingo) for hundreds of state maintained routes and interchanges. There is a statewide map that shows Missouri as a whole, and 10 regional maps so you can get a more refined view of the numbers. Of course, only state routes are covered, and we don’t show municipal traffic, but these maps are great tools for seeing how many people share your route on an average day. You can also go back to 2000 to see how traffic numbers have changed over the years.

The maps are updated every year and are valuable resources for safety officials, the business community, motor carriers or someone just trying to win an argument about traffic with their neighbor.

Click on the hot link above or go to to check out this great resource.