Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Work Zones: What's Your Definition?

How would you describe a work zone? Some motorists might define it as an area where roads are being fixed or improved. Others may list it as merely an aggravation that makes them a few minutes late. And someone like my little boy would probably tell me it's where he can watch the neat trucks.

For many MoDOT employees, a work zone is simply their office. Maintenance Worker Ray Waters offers this description:

"Imagine standing on the roadway so close to passing cars that you can almost reach out and touch one. To complicate things, consider hearing so much background noise from the work that is underway that you can’t even hear a vehicle as it approaches. Instead you must stay constantly aware of your surroundings and rely on your co-workers to help keep a close eye on traffic."

Ray is not a stranger to close calls. Hear his story about how he almost didn't make it home from his office one day.

Drive Smart. Arrive Alive.