Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More People Are Riding the River Runner

More and more people are riding the rails to their destinations. Ridership for Amtrak Missouri River Runner trains was up by 16 percent for the fiscal year ending June 30 – or an additional 25,811 passengers compared to the previous year. What’s behind the good news?

With gas prices higher than they were last year, and in constant fluctuation, more people are choosing the train for its convenience and because it is an economical way to travel. After all, a round trip adult ticket between St. Louis and Kansas City is as low as $56 and there is no early arrival required or getting stuck in traffic. You can even take your golf clubs or a bicycle along for a small fee.

With new infrastructure upgrades completed and others planned for the future, the train has become a more reliable way to go. Missouri River Runner trains reported an 89 percent on-time performance rate on average for FY ’11. (Note: Unfortunately, flooding has caused a disruption of one round-trip train across Missouri each day. Service is expected to be restored soon.)

The train is a friendly way to travel, too. In May, the Missouri service received a 97 percent satisfaction rate, the second best among state supported and other short distance corridors.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on board the Missouri River Runner for your next business trip or family vacation.