Thursday, August 5, 2010

MoDOT Cyclist Says People Were Highlight of 2,600-Mile Trek

The trip is over. He cycled nearly 2,600 hundred miles in 29 days with every mile logged under a punishing July sun.

But Kris Sandgren says the most memorable part of the trip was not the heat, but the people he encountered along the way.

“The highlight was defintely the people I ran into,” Sandgren said. “I had people put me up for the night several times. “

Sandgren said meeting these folks wasn’t a problem.

“When you’re wearing spandex shorts and a bike jersey, you stand out. It gets people asking questions.”

While the oppressive heat and humidty took its toll, Sandgren said the only trouble he ran into was a small pack of dogs chasing him down in Nebraska.

Sandgren’s favorite part of his trek? The end.

“I was totally surprised when I saw all the people in Jefferson City waiting to greet me,” he said. “There were probably 50 people and a television station. They even had my wife there to meet me. I got very emotional over it. I was glad to be home.”

Sandgren’s ride was all to help fund the Fallen Workers Memorial, a monument dedicated to the workers who have given their lives working on Missouri’s highways. Sandgren generated around $5,000 for the memorial.