Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Move It: State Makes Push to Remind Drivers of Traffic Law

JEFFERSON CITY - If you're involved in a minor traffic crash, one of the first thoughts you might have is whether or not you should move your vehicle. The answer is yes.

A state law that took effect 10 years ago requires vehicles involved in minor, non-injury crashes to move off the road. The Missouri Department of Transportation is using the 10-year anniversary to remind motorists to "steer it and clear it" to ensure minor traffic crashes don't turn into major pileups. The agency is also putting up signs in the St. Louis and Kansas City areas with the "steer it and clear it" message.

"If you're involved in a minor traffic crash and there aren't any injuries, you need to move your vehicle onto the shoulder or other nearby location off of the roadway," MoDOT Director Pete Rahn said. "Every minute a vehicle stops on the freeway and blocks one lane of traffic, it backs up approaching traffic for four minutes."

Rahn said the law - known as the "Move It" law - also helps reduce the chance of motorists being involved in secondary crashes, which cause 18 percent of fatalities in Missouri.