Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Take Action

This is a guest post by MoDOT Director Kevin Keith about the personal side of transportation.

It's personal.

Transportation is personal to every Missourian every day. It affects our safety, our jobs, our businesses and our ability to see our families, go to the doctor or buy groceries. Transportation touches everyone.

The transportation lifeline we enjoy is in jeopardy.

Funding for transportation in Missouri has been cut in half. Our budget for building and taking care of state highways has dropped from 1.2 billion to 600 million. That is the best-case scenario. It could get a lot worse.

MoDOT has tightened its belt and is continuing to do so. We have squeezed every penny out of every dollar we receive. Now is the time for Missourians to take action and make a decision about investing in transportation.

I need your help.

With your help we can make the point to employees, friends, family, neighbors, elected officials and the news media that transportation is personal and we must invest in it at a greater level. Please get involved.

We will be communicating the "It's Personal" message statewide in the coming months. If you would like a MoDOT representative in your area to speak, please let us know. To schedule a speaking engagement, call 1-888-ASK MoDOT (275-6636) or fill out an online request form at

I encourage you to take action. Help me spread this important message. You can learn more at