Friday, June 25, 2010

Saved by the Heat

Now that Missouri Law Enforcement has taken its mark and the HEAT is On Campaign is in full effect, I started to think about one of the most dreadful road trip experiences I ever had in my life.

One boring weekend in Columbia, 11 of my friends and I decided to take a two- day adventure to St. Louis. I opted out of driving my car, but three others volunteered. So we piled up in all three cars and headed out to the highway. Little did I know that this two-hour car ride was going to be beyond awful!

Not only did my friend do between 85 and 90 MPH the whole way there, but she also decided to text and neglected to wear her seatbelt. We heard the tires hit the rumble strips alongside the highway several times as she almost swerved off of the highway.

All of my friends including myself asked her to slow down, put her seat belt on, and even call instead of texting. But we got the textbook response, “stop being a backseat driver!” In my opinion, she was the one that needed to be in the backseat.

Reflecting on that horrible experience made me wonder if many other drivers my age behave so recklessly on the highways. If so, Missouri Law Enforcement officers have their work cut out for them. And I’m all the more grateful that they are turning up the HEAT this summer, keeping unsafe drivers off the road.

Speeders, texters and drivers who neglect to wear their seatbelts beware, as you will all be under the radar on Missouri highways. Law enforcement will also be cracking down on alcohol offenders.

Although the HEAT campaign will be over in September, Missouri drivers should always drive safely so that experiences like the one had that weekend never occur.

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