Thursday, March 10, 2011

Calling All Shoppers

Retail stores are gearing up for their spring sales. More and more homes are starting to put the 'for sale' sign in their yard. And many people are also gearing up for garage sales as the weather gets warmer.  All of these are sure signs of spring!

MoDOT is getting the spring sale bug as well. Mark your calendars for the spring property sale March 28 - April 1. Thirty-nine parcels ranging in size from one-tenth of an acre to 199 acres will be available for purchase by either auction or sealed bid.

Why the sale?

"While we no longer need this land, the parcels we're selling are valuable, and we're trying to find that right buyer," said Gregory Wood, Realty to Roads Project Director in MoDOT's Right of Way Division.

In addition to brining in money for highway projects, Wood said selling excess right of way saves maintenance costs, reduces liability and puts the property  back on the tax rolls to the advantage of local communities.

Check out the Realty to Roads website or facebook page for more information, and happy shopping!