Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summertime slide

Shriveled french fries in the cup holder, a sticky sucker on the seat and melty crayons on the floor. My car is the mecca of childhood messiness because in the summer, we sometimes let things slide. But in my car, and those of my friends, I am the car seat police. They know that in my car, or any car in which my kid is riding, they better be in the right kind of seat and they better be buckled up. No exceptions, no excuses.

I am quite often struck by how many well-loved children (and their parents) think its perfectly fine to ride to the ballpark, to the neighbor’s house or just up the road a ways without a seat belt. It’s NOT.

If you don’t believe me, conduct a summer time favorite – a science experiment. (Your kids can help!) Take your car to an empty parking lot. Put several heavy objects in your kids' seats, maybe a nice big watermelon, or a sack full of groceries with some eggs and milk, or heck, a bucket filled with water balloons. If the kids are along, position them safely out of the way, near a building, in the shade. Go ahead and get in and be sure to buckle up. Now, drive up to about 10 miles per hour and then slam on your brakes. Your precious cargo will most definitely be jolted from the seats and may suffer some damage.

Was it scary?

Thank goodness your kids weren’t riding with you – unbuckled. Please, make it a priority. It is a no-brainer, so easy and it’s one rule that you should NEVER back down on – not even on summer vacation!