Friday, April 2, 2010

A Great Time To Be Orange

This week most of us have finally been able to pull out some spring clothes and notice some tulip plants peeking through the ground. Things just get more colorful with spring in the air, and for MoDOT, that color is orange.

The warmer weather brings more work zones, and it's more important then ever that you're traveling safely through them.

One of the ways MoDOT gets your attention for work zone safety is through Operation Orange, our signature effort to turn significant Missouri landmarks orange. That's right, Orange! More than 70 buildings and landmarks throughout the state sported orange last year to highlight the need to drive safely in work zones.

Join us! Show your spring glow and sign up to be a part of a growing list of influential participants by going orange during National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week April 19-23. Together we can make our efforts bigger, better and ORANGER than ever before and help save lives.

Check out the video on our Operation Orange page to see some of the landmarks close to you that took on a fresh orange glow last year.