Friday, July 23, 2010

Celebrating the Youth

As the 2010 MoDOT Youth Transportation Conference comes to a close, it would be indecent of me not to recognize participating students for their diligence in pursuing knowledge. Noticing the enthusiasm from the participating high school students reminded me of myself as a high schooler and how excited I used to get over math and science.

Now that I am journalism major, math equations and science problems are few and far between. In fact, most of us journalism students try to avoid these two subject areas at all costs. But me, well I guess you could say I’m a rare breed. I loved English, math and science. But my math classes were always the ones I was in a hurry to get to. I imagine that the Youth Conference students are the same way.

The Youth Conference is a six-day camp, free for all high school students in the state of Missouri who may have special interests in mathematics and the sciences. This year’s students had the chance to learn more about the numerous career opportunities in the fields of transportation and civil engineering. They also had the chance to apply the skills they have learned thus far in the areas of math, science and computer concepts to transportation engineering problems that exist today. And let’s not forget about the many exciting field trips and tours that the students got to experience as well.

After finding out about all of the beneficial learning experiences and fun activities that the conference has to offer, I must admit that I’m jealous I didn’t get to take part in an opportunity like this when I was in high school. Nonetheless, I am excited to see so many of Missouri’s students taking an active interest in such honorable fields of study.