Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Central Site Created for Companies Wanting to Work for MoDOT

MoDOT has streamlined its bidding and contracting presence on the website. Now contractors, suppliers, consultants, and disadvantaged business enterprises have one centralized location to visit for bidding and contracting opportunities with MoDOT, and consultants can also find specifics on projects for which proposals are sought.

By visiting the business community now has a one-stop-shop to get started on all their bidding and contracting needs.

Previously, MoDOT’s bidding and contracting presence was separated depending on the type of bidding and contracting the department solicited. Bidding and contracting information for supply and service contractors was located separately from bidding and contracting information for roadway and bridge contractors, including DBEs. By pulling these locations into a consolidated “hub page,” MoDOT hopes to minimize any confusion and simplify the bidding and contracting process for businesses which may not be familiar with Department structure and processes.

A navigation button for bidding and contracting has been added to the left hand navigation of the site to make it even easier for online visitors to find what they need.