Monday, July 16, 2012

Ten Plus Five Reasons You Should Be Riding the Missouri River Runner

We received a great comment about this two-year old post today and decided it called for an update.

So here are the original ten PLUS five new reasons you should ride the Missouri River Runner!

10. We work 7 days a week; Missouri River Runner operates 7 days a week and it is the coolest ride to the Missouri State Fair; the St. Louis Arch; KC BBQ! Matter of fact, tell us your Amtrak travel story on our facebook page ( and let us know if we can share it!

9. We sell the best traveling dogs in the state…hotdogs that is, you can eat and ride on our Missouri River Runner.

8. All your friends are doing it; Ridership is up, up up!

7. Amtrak’s Customer Service Index indicated that we are third in the nation on their customer service chart, so relax, rest assured we will get you there.

6. Can you say Day trip? You can easily travel with your friends on the Missouri River Runner with a day trip into Washington, Hermann, Warrensburg, Sedalia...!

5. We collect cans! For a program that helps Capitol City Habitat for Humanity and Amtrak build a home for the needy. Read our Press Release.

4. What a view of the Missouri River you’re going to have!

3. Riding Amtrak qualifies you as being "An Earth Air Pollution Avenger" because riding Amtrak will help save us all from air pollution. Wear your title well, hero.

2. You can get your work done while riding; internet hot spots and AC jacks are available in most unfortunately this will mean you will no longer have any excuse for not getting your work done while traveling for your boss, so now you will have to make up new ones. ;)

1. Be stress free, we will get you there on time! On-time performance is at an average of 92 percent for the year!

The Man Dawg added these five fabulous attractions to our list. Thanks, Man Dawg!

#11 Independence Mo-Santa Cali-Gon Days

#12 Kansas City Airshow

#13 Warrensburg Mo-Wings Over Whiteman Airshow

#14 Hermann Mo-

#15 Sedalia Mo- Missouri State Fair!