Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Only Trash Litters

These cans are cool!! More than 820 elementary and middle school students spent some time this winter making trash cans look like…. Well, not like trash cans! They painted, pasted, molded and bedazzled their trash cans all in the name of getting people to notice the place for trash is in the CAN.

The kids were working to win prizes ranging from $100 to $500 cash in the 2010 “Yes You CAN Make Missouri Litter Free” trashcan-decorating contest.

Heather Reary’s first-grade class at Potosi Elementary School won first place for the grade K-2 category, and was selected as the grand-prize winner. Their prizes include a trophy, a $100 check and a $500 check. For photos, go to: and

Reary explained that her first-grade students selected a theme of “SHOW ME CLEAN! Don’t be a litterbug!” They used paint, markers, pipe cleaners and recycled paper to create the bug-themed trashcan, which is displayed near the front door of the school.

Kimberly Murphy’s fourth and fifth graders at Kingston K-14 won $100 for first place in the grade 3-5 category. For a photo, go to

Murphy said her students selected a theme of “NoMO Trash in Missouri” and created a trashcan robot named Mr. RoMO to represent the 21st century. Students used tinfoil, used tart and cake pans, scrap construction paper and Styrofoam to create the robot-themed trashcan. The can is displayed at the main entrance of the elementary building.

Marj Locker’s seventh-grade art class at Southwest Livingston County R-1 won $100 for their first place finish in the grade 6-8 category. For a photo, go to

Locker ‘s class chose to, “Help Bessie Keep the Pastures Clean,” and refurbished a trashcan using paper mache to look like a sitting Holstein cow. Students painted the paper mache and added pink pipe cleaners for eyelashes and a cowbell with the recycle symbol. Bessie sits near the school cafeteria.

Thank you again to all who entered and congrats to all who won. Please put litter in it’s place. No More Trash!!