Friday, August 28, 2009

Just Like Riding a Bike

I’m not much of a bike rider. As a kid, I lived on my bicycle, but not anything that I’ve kept up with as I’ve gotten older – a bit lazy when it comes to pedaling up hills! So when I was assigned as MoDOT’s project manager for the Tour of Missouri, I was looking forward to learning a lot about a subject that was definitely new to me.

Now, in our third year of the Tour of Missouri, I’m hooked! After watching these professional athletes climb the hills, handle the curves and attack Missouri’s mountains (we really do have some out there!), they have my complete respect and admiration.

When you stand along the race route and watch the cyclists, it’s amazing what is required of them in this sport – strength, endurance, concentration, teamwork. The race happens to be the largest professional sporting event in the state of Missouri, and guess what, it’s free!

Sept. 7 – beginning in St. Louis, through Sept. 13 – ending in Kansas City, cyclists from more than 20 countries will be traversing our state at about 30 miles per hour as they move from east to west. It’s a well-oiled production and a unique opportunity as millions of eyes and ears watch the event throughout the world.

Up for being outdoors in the beautiful September sunshine? Check it out! More information about specific routes and times is available on the MoDOT Web site, along with a link to the Tour of Missouri site. And thanks to MoDOT’s primary responsibility, which is to help plan a safe route for participants and onlookers and then to help motorists travel safety and efficiently during the race, this should be another successful event for Missouri.

And I should clarify – “I’m hooked” as in hooked on watching and enjoying a new sport, not as in riding my bike again, but that could happen – never say never!