Thursday, January 7, 2010

Potential Goods

While Mark Twain's writings show strong ties with the Mississippi River, I think he would be proud of Missouri's efforts to build up communities along the Missouri River as well.

Missourians from a variety of organizations and interests, from MoDOT to agriculture producers, are working to bring more freight to the Missouri River. This could go a long way in reducing congestion on our highways, and is an environmentally friendly way to move large amounts of goods

On the Mississippi, a 15-barge tow is not uncommon. For some perspective, those 15 barges can hold the same amount of cargo as more than 1,000 semi-trailer trucks.
Last month, MoDOT hosted a development forum on bringing freight to the Missouri River. About 90 attendees identified key needs and task forces were created to run a market analysis for river corridor development, as well as examining ways to improve ports and river management. MoDOT will oversee these task forces.

While the waterways are not right for every commodity, they can provide significant relief for crowded roads and rail lines. The extra commerce on the Missouri river could also spur more economic and community growth, making Missouri a more attractive place to live and do business.