Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Get on the MoDOT Express Lane

Many of us just take our transportation system for granted, but when you think about it, transportation is one of the few things in life that affects all of us.

If you ever go anywhere or buy anything, then transportation affects you. Without a dependable transportation system, we couldn’t get to work, visit with friends and family or even get medical care when needed. Transportation is one of those things we rarely consider, but we rely on every day. So it makes sense that we should know what’s happening with transportation in Missouri – even if it’s just the basics.

How can you quickly and easily get basic – yet comprehensive – transportation information that you need to know? I think I can help you out. The MoDOT Express Lane is an electronic newsletter that I put together and send out twice a month directly to your e-mail account. This completely free electronic newsletter gives subscribers quick access to comprehensive, timely and easy-to-read transportation information, in a short, easy-to-read format. We cover topics like changing transportation laws, big projects in your area, statewide programs dealing with various issues like seat belt use, impaired driving and many others.

So, don't miss another issue! If you haven’t already, take a moment and get on the MoDOT Express Lane!