Monday, May 2, 2011

Motorcycle vs. Car

In a crash involving a car and a motorcycle, who do you think will win? Simple physics tells us the motorcycle will always lose. The freedom and wind-in-your-face feeling that most motorcyclists enjoy also comes with the responsibility of using extra caution so that riders do not end up as part of a tragic statistic.

Responsibility falls on motorists driving cars and trucks as well, who need to take care and watch out for the motorcyclists sharing the road. This is particularly important during this time of year, when the weather is warming up and more motorcyclists are taking to the roads.

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, and a good opportunity for us all to think about safe driving, whether on two wheels or four.

Motorcycle experts recommend motorcyclists complete training before getting out on the road. In Missouri, there are 26 locations for training, and you can find the one nearest you at

And with motorcycle use growing throughout the state, it's even more important for cars to watch out and look twice for motorcyclists. Always make a visual check in mirrors and blind spots before entering or leaving a lane of traffic and at intersections.