Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Commission Awards 32 Economic Recovery Projects

Final List Still to be Determined

JEFFERSON CITY – The Missouri Department of Transportation is continuing its push to jumpstart the economy and provide work for Missourians through transportation projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission today approved 32 road resurfacing projects throughout the state that are funded by the federal economic stimulus package. The projects total $38,992,000 and will support an estimated 1,000 jobs.

Most of the work involves laying asphalt to make road surfaces smoother and safer. More than $14 million will be used to resurface sections of Interstate 70 in Lafayette and Cooper counties.

MoDOT is analyzing the provisions of the economic recovery legislation to determine how it will spend the rest of the stimulus money not already obligated. Fifty percent of the funds must be obligated no later than June 17, and the projects must be completed within three years.

In addition, the Federal Highway Administration has said priority should be given to projects that maximize job creation and economic benefit and are located in economically distressed areas. The guidelines can be found at

“The $637 million Missouri received in economic stimulus funds is welcome, but won’t come close to meeting the $31 billion we have in transportation needs over the next 20 years,” MoDOT Director Pete Rahn said. “Still, it’s a step in the right direction.”

The 32 projects awarded today join four projects the Missouri Department of Transportation started Feb. 17 within minutes of President Barack Obama signing the federal economic recovery bill. Missouri was the first state in the nation to have work under way with economic stimulus funds.

“We’re aggressive in getting these stimulus projects going for two major reasons: we want to put Missourians to work fast, and we want to show that investing in transportation infrastructure provides immediate economic relief,” Rahn said. “These are projects we could have ready to go quickly to create or maintain jobs. They will make our highway system better and safer and save lives.”

Under the act, Missouri will receive approximately $637 million for road and bridge projects and an estimated $150 million to address air, rail, transit, waterway and pedestrian projects throughout the state. That amount of work will support an estimated 14,000 jobs and have an estimated $2.4 billion impact on the state’s economy.

More information on the second round of economic stimulus projects awarded today can be found at

Editor’s note: Here is the list of economic stimulus projects awarded March 4.

County Route Project Description Cost
Saline 41 Resurfacing $1,569,000
Saline 240 Resurfacing $67,000
Saline 41 Resurfacing $575,000
Macon 156 Resurfacing $544,000
Schuyler /
Putnam 136 Resurfacing $977,000
Schuyler 202 Resurfacing $423,000
Macon D Resurfacing $89,000
Ralls J Resurfacing $412,000
Ralls EE Resurfacing $247,000
Ralls /
Monroe W Resurfacing $212,000
Marion W, 61 Resurfacing $177,000
Lafayette I-70 Resurfacing With Superpave And Bp-1 $6,861,000
Platte I-29 Ultrathin Bonded Wearing Surface Overlay
(Type C) and Optional Paving $11,799,000
Clinton A Resurfacing $577,000
Ray C Resurfacing $182,000
Clay 69 Resurfacing $260,000
Lafayette FF Resurfacing $438,000
Ray M Resurfacing $206,000
Cooper I-70 Coldmilling & Resurfacing With Superpave $7,612,000
Pulaski 28 Resurfacing $829,000
Newton 86 1” Resurfacing With Bp-2, New 2’ Shoulders $846,000
Barry 86 1” Resurfacing With Bp-2, New 2’ Shoulders $950,000
Vernon K Resurfacing $125,000
Vernon W Resurfacing $136,000
Vernon BB Resurfacing $282,000
Jasper P Resurfacing $225,000
Jasper JJ Resurfacing $180,000
Barry /
Lawrence 39 Resurfacing $498,000
Taney 265 Resurfacing $295,000
Ripley 142 Resurfacing $764,000
Butler M Resurfacing $358,000
Butler 142 Resurfacing $277,000


Anonymous said...

you need to wieden hyw 50 befour spend all that money. their way to much triffice for two was talked about ten year ago
and it 20 years behind times.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? hyw 50? Learn to spell and maybe somebody might take you seriously.

MoDOT said...

"An eleven-mile section of Highway 50 has been widened to four lanes from St. Martins to California. Currently, an eight mile section is being four-laned around California. Highway 50 between Highway 63 and Linn is scheduled to be widened to four-lanes starting in 2012. This project was considered for stimulus funds, but could not be ready to go quick enough to meet the requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act."