Monday, May 18, 2009

Look Out! Top Ten Work Zones in Missouri

Just like Late Night With David Letterman, MoDOT has come up with a top 10 list of its own: the top 10 work zones most likely to cause traffic delays this travel season.

The list is ranked in order of impact based on traffic volume, amount of work and level of delay. A clickable map showing the top 10 work zones, along with a printable version of the map and project information, can be found at

Drive Smart and Slow Down in Work Zones!


AmiableJAK said...

I think I went through some work zones this morning, but I don't know.

There was a "work zone ahead" sign, then a "work zone speed limit 45," but there were no "end work zone" signs, only regular speed limit signs, after the closed lanes. (64/40 WB @ Lindbergh)

I got over to the right, and attempted to slow down, but even at 10 mph above the posted work zone speed limit, I was afraid of getting rear ended by the rest of the traffic.

The signage is terribly unclear, MoDot is putting motorists and workers in danger.

Motorists are not taking work zones seriously, because it doesn't seem that MoDot is.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there is no consistency with when the speed limit changes after construction zones. At one location there is a new speed limit sign immediately after the construction zone, another one nearby the new speed limit sign is ½ a mile or more beyond the end of construction. This is highly likely the cause of the problem you mentioned.

Linda Wilson said...

This is Linda Wilson with MoDOT's I-64 team. When you see any speed limit sign on a road that speed limit is the enforceable speed limit from that sign until you see the next sign. So if you pass a 45 mph sign on I-64 at Lindbergh, that is the speed limit until you pass the next 60 mph sign. The local police departments have been enforcing the speed limits on I-64, so you did the right thing to reduce your speed. The end work zone sign was not necessary and not required to post because the 60 mph normal speed limit sign was right after the end of the closed lane. The 60 mph sign was not covered up and it does inform drivers that it is now 60 mph.

Anonymous said...

I believe i was incorrectly ticketed for speeding in a work zone. I was a few cars behind the police officer's car. Going at a reduced work zone speed of 45mph. After passing the orange cones and construction area, there was a regular speed limit sign of 65 mph. So I sped up to the posted speed limit and that's when i got pulled over. There was no end of work zone sign, and if i was still in the speed zone then the 65 mph speed limit sign should have been covered? Is there any Missouri Highway Law book or codes that I can refer to?

Laura Holloway said...

This is Laura Holloway with MoDOT Community Relations. For reference on speed limits, Missouri statutes can be found online. You can search by keyword.