Thursday, July 16, 2009

MoDOT Web site lets citizens report potholes and more

See a pothole on a state road? Tell us about it!

With MoDOT’s Report a Road Concern online form, you can help your department of transportation keep Missouri roads safe and smooth.

Linked from the MoDOT homepage at, Report a Road Concern lets citizens contact the department about a variety of road-related issues. Look for the link on the right-hand side of the homepage.

Existing report categories include: mowing, striping, signs, potholes, signal problems, highway lighting, guardrail/guard cable issues, illegal dumping on the highway and non-stormwater discharge into a drainage ditch. There is also a blank comment field in case the problem being reported is not on the existing list.

Travelers are our most valuable resource for information. They’re the ones using our highways and bridges every day. They know if something is not right immediately. This online form is another way they can communicate with MoDOT.

You can go directly to the Report a Road Concern here: .


Anonymous said...

One thing that alot of the traveling public needs to realize (before they complain about MoDOT not fixing stuff) is that MoDOT forces can not be reasonably expected to drive and expect every mile of every road every day.

Without input from the everyday driver, it may be days or weeks before MoDOT even knows that there is a problem with a roadway.

So pick up the phone people and let them know!! (remember, be polite, I highly doubt that MoDOT deliberately ignores maintenance issues...)

Information on the amount of problems reported by everyday drivers and how long on average it takes to have the problem (pothole, etc) corrected would be quite nice to see.

Anonymous said...

I live in district 9 on U hwy. There are alot of potholes on the road that need to be fixed. I know if my car gets tore up because of the potholes modot will be expected to pay for it. They need to quit neglecting the roads and fix them!

Anonymous said...

could you please use the electronic signs along the highways to warn drivers to turn on their headlights during periods of rain? something like "wipers on, headlights on--it's the law". i am amazed at the number of people who ride in rainstorms without headlights ot tail lights. Makes it really hard to see them sometimes! thank you!

Anonymous said...

As the first poster stated, I really don't think that MoDOT is purposely ignoring the potholes on "U hwy". Unless you (the second poster) really think that the state agency has a personal vendetta against you?

With tax revenues dropping quickly, and cities clamoring for ever greater percentages of MoDOTs budget to be spent in urban it any wonder that rural roads are suffering?

If the Missouri people would actually support and pay some form of additional taxes to increase funding then the roads would be fixed a heck of a lot faster.

Instead people want to pay nothing and get perfect roads in return. Doesn't work that way.