Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Taylor Swift Tackles Bad Driving Habits

Did anyone catch Saturday Night Light over the weekend hosted by Taylor Swift? If you did, you might have seen the hilarious skit for TRAAAPD or Teenagers Raising Awareness About Awful Parent Drivers. So much attention has been paid lately to texting while driving that we forget about some of the other bad driving habits that could create an unsafe situation. How many of you are guilty of some of these behaviors?

Driving While Trying to Balance Hot Coffee
Driving While Trying to Get Something Out of Your Purse
Driving While Racing to Nordstrom for a Sweater Sale
Driving While Trying to Give the “Birds and the Bees” Talk
Driving While Arguing With the GPS
Driving While Revealing Family Secrets
Driving While Trying to Find a Cell Phone You Dropped
Driving While Having a Sarcastic Conversation with the Car in Front of You
Driving While Singing Along to a Song You Don’t Know the Lyrics With

I can honestly say I’m guilty of at least five (but I’m not telling you which ones).

While the skit was hilarious, the dangerous driving situations were real. Next time you get behind the wheel remember your safety and the safety of others. Focus on your driving. That phone call or text message can wait. That sweater will still be there when you get to Nordstrom. And the GPS and the car in front of you – they aren’t listening anyway.

Watch the video here.

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