Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Text. You're Next.

Texting, talking, eating –we’re all guilty of some sort of driver distraction. But what we might not realize is the deadly consequences our bad driving habits can have. Distracted driving is the leading cause of traffic crashes in Missouri. In 2008 alone, cell phone use was attributed as the cause of 1,788 Missouri traffic crashes.

Last year Missouri made a small step in curbing some of that distracted driving by passing a law prohibiting drivers 21 and under from texting. Five bills have already been filed this year in the Missouri legislature that would expand the texting ban to all drivers.

Yesterday Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood unveiled the first survivor-powered national organization dedicated to putting an end to distracted driving. The group, FocusDriven, grew out of last year’s distracted driving summit sponsored by the US Department of Transportation in Washington. Secretary LaHood also unveiled the 30-second public service announcement below.

Missouri will be launching its own anti-texting while driving campaign next month with new radio spots to raise awareness of the consequences of texting while driving. Those texting spots can be previewed here.

Avoid distractions while driving. Keep your eyes on the road and Arrive Alive.


richardwalker531 said...

Its about time! For years we have known of these dangers but little has been done to change the behavior. We need laws to prohibit ANY texting or phone calls(including hands free) while driving. I know the phone companies have deep pockets to try to keep any bans from occuring but we have a duty to get this done as we have our fellow citizens dying on our roads every day.

Anonymous said...

I drive and text and talk (not hands free) and I think I'm a pretty good driver. Texting in the car should probably be banned, but not talking on the phone. I've heard statistics that say "hands free" phone calls are just as dangerous as "hands on" phone calls. If that is the case, then can we talk at all in the car? Can we talk to other passengers in the car? Should we take radios out of cars? Because everybody sings along to there favorite songs. I propose that we take away all phones, radios, and prohibit any sort of talking. Wait, I can get distracted by my thoughts too...