Monday, May 3, 2010

Get in the Loop! Sign up for E-updates

MoDOT wants you to know what’s going on. We send out press releases, update web pages, print pamphlets and make public appearances to make sure you’re in the loop. The better informed you are, the better we can serve you.
That’s why we created E-updates.
E-updates is an e-mail subscription services that lets you stay in touch with MoDOT locally and statewide. You can subscribe to project information, public announcements, press releases, job openings and even road condition warnings. Want to know how a project will affect traffic during your morning commute? Put a check in the box, we’ll tell you.
The system allows a variety of subscription options. You can subscribe by district, county, route or even by project. Whenever an announcement goes out under your subscriptions, you’ll be one of the first to know.

And if you feel like you’re getting too many announcements, just log on, change your subscription or even delete it if you feel like the service isn’t for you.
E-updates is a tool that empowers you to choose the information you want to know. Get in the loop! Subscribe to E-updates today!

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