Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tell Us What You Think -- Your Thoughts are Worth a Million!

Have you ever said to yourself, "If I had a million dollars, I would (fill in the blank)"??? The answer is probably, yes, but I'd be willing to bet that if you got your million you wouldn't spend it on building and maintaining the state's roads and bridges. Right?! So that's why we do it for you. Transportation projects are very expensive, and it takes lots of millions to make our state's transportation system as safe and efficient as possible.

Once a year, MoDOT formally sets out a five-year construction program tellling you what you're getting for your money. It's this time of year now, so a formal comment period is under way -- May 5 through June 4. This is a chance to share your thoughts about the kind of transportation system you want in Missouri. The construction program you'll see is a mixture of public input, engineering expertise and money that's available.

You can offer comments at any time throughout the year, so keep the contact information below handy, and if you think of something later while day-dreaming about roads and bridges and other modes of transportation, MoDOT would like to have your input. We have to think ahead quite a few years as it can take some time to plan and build the transportation projects, but it's never too soon to get involved and help make a difference in the future.

Please tell us what you think -- your thoughts are worth a million and sometimes even a billion or so!

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chiang01 said...

Less highways, more public transit

Rusty said...

I would like to see the State make some of the "scenic" routes safer. That is, the numbered highways that people travel often have no shoulders, poor surfaces, etc. I'd think that tourists driving around would be a priority in addition to Missouri people living in those areas.

Anonymous said...

MoDot has done wonders since 1990 when no one cared how they did their job nor did we want to finance them. Now they listen to us and do a real good job and we need to appreciate them more effectively. Thank you, all of you; your efforts have been noted and we give you accolades!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, repave the bridge that goes over 291 hwy at the Colbern Road location. It is a terrible surface and MODOT justs keeps patching instead of doing a real job on it. Thanks..

Mr. C.

Anonymous said...

Please post more signs informing drivers that left lanes are for passing only. I believe many left drivers aren't purposely being discourteous, just unaware. Plus it would probably decrease road rage instances.

Cheryl D said...

PLEAAASE consider pedestrian traffic, bike lanes Please! Our health (and economy) needs it!

Joanne said...

For the highway portion:
Take care of the roads we have and safety improvements before building new ones.

For the public transportation portion:
Extend Amtrak service to other parts of the state like bring it from Quincy IL to Hannibal, south to St. Louis, west to St. Joseph, and/or southwest to Jefferson City. Upgrade the St. Louis to Kansas City route to use high speed trains.

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed the MODOT news available on the internet. As we age, we are more interested in better health (bike trails, etc) and more public transportation. Keep up the excellent improvements. jwaynew

Joanne said...

Help smaller cities like Hannibal have public transportation. Too often, the poor and people without a car or license rely on taxis to get around. This gets expensive. Even a single bus or trolley running a regular route through town every so often (whatever is feasible) would help.