Friday, July 2, 2010

Massive Concrete Girders are a Missouri First

The single-longest, precast, concrete bridge girders in Missouri state history were installed this week on MoDOT's kcICON design-build project. The 150-foot girders are part of a new land bridge that will span northbound Interstate 29/35 and carry southbound Interstate 29/35 traffic headed for The Paseo, Independence Avenue, and points beyond.

"Imagine a single, I-shaped piece of concrete that stretches from a football field's end zone to the 50-yard line," said kcICON Project Director Brian Kidwell. "Moving just one of these 150,000 pound girders is like lifting the equivalent weight of 70 classic Volkswagen Beetles."

Learn more about the girders from MoDOT Engineer Tom Skinner in this podcast.

Visit the project Web site at or find them on facebook by searching "kcICON project."

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