Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Windy Week

MoDOT employee Kris Sandgren completed day 22 of his 2,600-mile ride from Anacortes, WA to Jefferson City, MO, in honor of MoDOT's fallen workers. Learn more about what inspired his ride, and check back here for more updates as he heads south for the rest of his trip.

Day 21 -- Monday, July 12

Kris keeps traveling east across southern South Dakota and hits Sioux City, IA, just after noon. He's riding in light rain. He skirts Sioux City, pedaling in fast traffic across a bridge over the Missouri River as close to the outer railing as he could. He puts his head down and pushes hard. "I didn't look back," he said.

He continues south on U.S. 75 along the west side of the river. He encounters hills north of Tekamah, NE, and is chased by dogs -- three of them -- for the first time on the ride. He grabs his canine repellent. "I just gave the lead dog a shot and the other two quit on their own." He has dinner at a Subway in Tekamah and checks into a local motel, small but clean. "I seem to be wearing down on the camping thing." Besides it looks like rain again and he doesn't want to be outdoors.

Day 22 -- Tuesday, July 13

Before leaving Tekamah, NE, Kris visits with the editor of the Burt County Plaindealer. Kris hits the road mid-morning and encounters strong head winds as he approaches Omaha, NE. "The wind is tormenting me. It blessed me across Montana. Now it's cursing me." He plans to spend the night with friends in Omaha.

Watch for more details as Kris completes the last days of his journey.
If you would like to make a donation or pledge by the mile in support of his ride:

Make check payable to:
State Highway & Transportation Employees
Association of Missouri
Mail to:
Fallen Workers' Memorial
c/o District 7 Highway Credit Union
3901 E. 32nd St., Suite A
Joplin, MO 64804
Attention: Dave B. Taylor


Anonymous said...

Where's Kris? You should be posting his location at least every other day! I heard he stayed in Omaha with friends last where is he now?

Doris & Frank!

Laura Holloway said...

Hello - This is Laura Holloway with MoDOT. Thanks so much for your interest in this special trip! Kris was not available to talk each day, but we have posted updates after each conversation with him. Today is his last day, and he arrives in Jefferson City at 1 p.m. Please check our latest post for details on the last few days, and look for an upcoming interview with more stories from his trip. Thanks!