Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jonas Brothers Helping to Reduce Texting and Driving

These days with one tween and another wanna-be tween in my house, our TV is tuned to shows like Hannah Montana, Suite Life on Deck and of course Jonas L.A. featuring the Jonas Brothers. While I’m not always into watching them on TV, I am interested in a new anti-texting and driving campaign the brothers are supporting.

The Jonas Brothers will be playing recreational softball games this year at minor league stadiums throughout the country. At each venue they are working with Allstate to educate fans about the dangers of texting behind the wheel.

As Kevin Jonas said in the group's announcement: "It is really important that our fans understand just how dangerous texting while driving is. Pledging not to text and drive is a promise to your friends, your family and yourself to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel."

During the games, fans can join the Jonas Brothers in pledging not to text and drive by adding their thumbprint – the symbol of their pledge – to a banner that will be traveling with the "Road Dogs" tour. Participants will receive 'TXTNG KLLS' thumb bands to wear as a reminder of their commitment. Throughout the game, fans will also have the opportunity to win autographed t-shirts and other prizes.

The Jonas Brothers are raising awareness about a serious danger and giving the fans something to remember in a positive way. Unfortunately they are not coming to Missouri, but to take the pledge not to text and drive or for more information about the tour, visit www.facebook.com/XtheTXT.


Anonymous said...

I believe there should be a nation wide law requiring hands free devices for using cell phones.
Eureka Copper Canyon

StopCellPhoneDriving said...

This is good to see! Texting is driving is so dangerous. With more awareness we can make the road much safer and STOP Cell Phone Driving!