Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where the Revenue Meets the Road

In the past few years, MoDOT has taken an aggressive approach to sell land it no longer needs for the state's highway system. Everyone benefits from this effort:
  • The proceeds from the land sales go to road and bridge projects.
  • The property goes back on the tax rolls bringing in local revenue.
  • Buyers get land they can develop or use in a variety of ways.
  • And, MoDOT is spared maintaining property it no longer needs.
In the last fiscal year, MoDOT conveyed 344 parcels totaling 1,324 acres and generated almost $4.4 million for highway projects. A property blitz in April alone moved 15 properties and brought in almost $1 million for roads and bridges.

Next up for sale are several closed maintenance sites throughout the state and some property near a major project under way in Kansas City - kcICON. Any proceeds generated from the sale of the kcICON parcel will go directly toward paying for the project, which is improving 4.7 miles of interstate near downtown Kansas City.

Visit for more information on the Realty to Roads program and state property for sale.

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