Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leaner, Cleaner and Greener

The carbon footprint just got a little smaller in Poplar Bluff and Warrensburg.

MoDOT's Transit Unit used a federal grant to help two local public transportation agencies in these communities purchase a new hybrid vehicle that promises to run cleaner and cheaper than standard buses. Missouri is one of the first states to introduce hybrid technoliges on rural transit routes.

The buses have the potential to reduce fuel use by up to 40 percent, lower maintenance costs by 30 percent and reduce emissions by up to 30 percent.

Watch below to see how the Poplar Bluff community is enjoying their leaner, greener bus.


Tom Thomas said...

ungspuI live on UU hiway inbetween Carrollton Mo. and Bosworth Mo. You resurfaced it this year. The blacktop iw worse than it has ever been. It is grooved out so bak that you can`t drive 40 MPH if it rains any. There is to much water standing in the tracks. I know it was probaby a good idea at the time all I alk is take a drive on it some time it is terrible. also I have lived on UU for 20 some years it was better when it was in gravel. One more thing there was a howe just south of me driveway after you resurvaced it you came out and patched it and put peaces of black top in gras that are up to 12`` I have always mowed it for you so my yard looks better. Now I can`t. One other thing this winter there are going to be a lot of wrecks on it because the groves in black top are 2 and 3`` deep there is going to be snow and ice that can`t be scraped off then what. Thanks for this site. Tom Thomas

MoDOT said...

Hello Tom - thank you for letting us know! Our District 2 office will check on the resurfacing issues you mention. If you would like to reach them directly, please contact them at www.modot.org/northcentral. Thanks!

MoDOT said...

Hi Tom - here is some more information from our district office in Macon. Thanks!

MoDOT looks for less costly ways to improve each mile of roadway so that we can improve more miles of roadway with the money entrusted to us. In the case of Rte. UU the new process didn't work well. We plan to fix the situation by overlaying Route UU next summer and keeping it patched in the mean time. Also, we'll check for big chunks of asphalt in the grass and pick them up. We don't want them there either.
All cold mix roads have irregularities that prevent us from scraping off all the snow and ice, so we don't anticipate any increase in crashes as a result of these irregularities on Rte. UU.