Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Your Input, Please

If you could guide the future of rail in Missouri, where would it lead?  A new online survey gives you the chance to tell us.

Visit MoDOT's homepage at or click directly to the survey here to give your input.

Results, along with other information collected through public involvement activities, will be used to help MoDOT create a statewide rail plan that will focus on three areas: Freight rail development, passenger rail and highway/rail crossing safety.

So speak up! Make tracks to the survey today and share it with someone you know who wants a voice in the future of rail in Missouri.

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Michael Riggins said...

I feel that in these economic times, MDOT should be cutting their budget by 50%. I am asking Jay Nixon to carefully review MODOT and other budgets that need to be cut back to better manage the state of Missouri Tax Payers need to be involved more closely with how our tax dollars are being spent in every area of government. We the people need to pay attention to management in government spending.
Michael Riggins, St. Louis