Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the Adopt-A-Highway program! It began in Texas on March 9, 1985, and Missouri's program began in 1987. Now, more than 5,800 miles of Missouri roads have been adopted, making our state cleaner and greener.

And, it's saving you money! Adopters perform about $1 million a year in litter cleanup and beautification efforts. Every area kept free of litter by adopters allows MoDOT to devote resources to other much-needed tasks.

The celebration really begins in April, when MoDOT parters with the Missouri Department of Conservation in the annual No MOre Trash! Bash. Here, adopters and citizens organize litter pick-up events and help to promote awareness about keeping our state clean. Don't miss being a part of this year's bash!

Check out this video for a fun take on keeping Missouri clean:

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