Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Public Discussion

Community briefings are happening throughout Missouri to explain the recently announced Bolder Five-Year Direction for MoDOT. Briefings will be held throughout the month, leading up to June 8 when the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission meets to take final action on the proposed plan.

A complete list of briefings can be found at If you're unable to attend, you can participate through an online briefing at The online meeting will run through June 3.

Other ways to comment on the proposed direction:

  • Comment online via
  • Send an e-mail to
  • Call 1-888-Ask-MoDOT
  • Write to MoDOT, Central Office, 105 W. Capitol Ave., P.O. Box 270, Jefferson City, Mo., 65102
  • Contact us via social media at

All comments from the public received during this month-long process will be shared with MoDOT leadership and commission members prior to June 8.

1 comment:

Rob said...

It is a shame it has come to this.

With fuel tax set at a FIXED amount per gallon, the value of that drops markedly over time. Given inflation (even as moderate as it has been for several years), you simply cannot buy now what you could buy when the tax was established (unlike taxes that are a percentage of the total cost).

Making it even worse, fuel economy keeps improving which, while that is a good thing, it means that the same amount of road usage results in less tax revenue (on top of the impact of inflation).

People expect decent roads, growth and population movement necessitate some road improvements...and it's necessary to properly fund them. The fuel tax in MO is rather low...and MoDOT surely isn't reaping benefits from the rising price of fuel (quite the contrary--people cut back on usage, driving revenue down even more).

Good luck...