Monday, August 15, 2011

Hybrid Composite Beams

If it works for boats, why not for bridges?

As part of its Safe & Sound Bridge Improvement Program, MoDOT received a $1 million federal "Highways for Life" grant to utilize hybrid composite beams on three bridge projects -- in Douglas, Shannon and Dade Counties. These innovative structural elements are much lighter than conventional steel or concrete beams, which make them easier to transport and install. The exterior of HCBs is fiberglass, materials also used to construct boats and sulfuric acid storage tanks. The fiberglass makes them more resistant to water and chlorides, and therefore longer lasting.

Check out some photos and the video below that explains this technology. Happy Sailing!

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DYnKC said...

I like the hybrid composite beams. Great to see people continuously thinking of better products that will last longer. How does the cost for them compare to cost for what has been used in the past?