Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Don't PLOW Into Farmers This Growing Season

If you grew up in a small rural town of Missouri it is very likely that you are not a stranger to slowing down while driving because some farm equipment is slowly going down a rural highway.

I remember how annoyed I would get when I got stuck behind agriculture equipment on the road. I had places to go, people to see, and blockbuster movies to watch! The idea of “share the road” was lost on a younger me.

I realize now that the young impatient driver I used to be was a jerk!

Agriculture is a huge part of Missouri’s economy and the food they grow might be the food on your plate and the plate of others around the world. These men and women are not out there on the road just to ruin your drive time, they are doing their job.

To all the farmers that I flew by in my younger years I apologize, and I urge my fellow drivers to be respectful of Missouri farmers and slow down and stay back from farm equipment on the road. It won’t take much time before you are able to safely go around them and on your way.

Drive safe. Be courteous. Arrive alive. 

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