Thursday, October 15, 2009

For Sale!

One thing I learned this summer - the selling of a home and purchase of another home is a fascinating (and exhausting!) process.

I really still don't know how all of the details came together or the pieces fell in place, but the end result is a home that better fits the needs of my family. A happy ending.

MoDOT is selling off property it no longer needs, and an upcoming blitz of activity is planned to sell 23 highly marketable parcels of land and put the money straight into needed road and bridge projects.

The blitz runs the week of Nov. 16-20. Thinking of getting in the market for development or wanting a buffer around land you already own? Check out our Realty to Roads page to see what might fit your needs.

You just might find your own happy ending in the real estate world. And with the money going to needed projects around Missouri, everyone in the state can do the same.

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