Friday, October 9, 2009

A Great Return!

Missouri's ports are a great return on investment.

MoDOT's Waterway Section is administering $16 million in grant funding for 20 different projects at public ports throughout Missouri. Everything from a rail spur, truck scale, access roads, dock repairs, mooring dolphins, storage, and utility extension is included.

These investments are generating economic activity in the private sector. The best example is at the New Madrid County Port Authority, where MoDOT provided $3 million in state and federal grants to improve truck access, bring in a rail spur, and increase storage capacity. These investments, along with working with port staff, helped land two new business that are right now investing more than $50 million in private investment in this port.

Even in this challenging economic climate, Missouri ports have increased tonnage handled, jobs created, and private investment. Plus, we all get the environmental benefits offered by waterway transportation, where one barge holds as much as 15 rail cars and 60 trucks.

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Jay Austin said...

Hope someone had the brains to make the port improvements in New Madrid earthquake resistant !!!